Mystksand German Shepherds & Professional Handling

  Calgary, Alberta   CANADA


Mystksand Just Like Fire 

Fire is out of a litter of 2 girls, the last and only second litter produced by my beloved Pink.  Fire's sire is the beautiful longcoat Seelie owned by one of my dearest friends, Debbie Stainton.  

Fire and her sister are 3 generations Mystksand bred girls, going to my foundation girl Sizzle.  

We did try our hand at Herding and well, she doesn't believe that she was meant to get dirty in the sheep pen.  She excels with her sense of humour.  She is extremely affectionate and loves to meet people, especially children.  She is also the best babysitter for puppies and little dogs.  

She is my heart dog, like her mother was.  She is never very far from me, and was the one who helped carry me through my grief after losing her mother.  

Now that she has grown up, our next task will be to get her in the show ring.  I do love my longcoats!